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Reviews While Titled Two Loves Sought

 5 Star 

By ER    September 22, 2017

Great follow up to his original book two loves lost. Highly recommend it. Great writing!

 Historical Fiction, Feels Real 

By Dixie Goode    Aug 19, 2014

This book is the sequel to a book I loved, Two Loves Lost. I hesitated here to give this book five stars because I don't love it in the same way I did the first, and it was harder for me to get into. I started and put it down several times - then suddenly I couldn't stop reading and flew from page 101 to the end on page 280.

I wouldn't recommend this book as widely as the first because there is a lot more seriously adult themes than in the first. The first dealt with bullying and a rape/abortion but was mainly about airplanes and college and brilliance and life rewarding perseverance. It wasn't without the ugly side of life but it was more about the good people and the hope. This one has a lot more of the twisted side, the drug culture and child prostitution and incest are not extreme graphic but they are a constant darkness in the book. So I'd hesitate to suggest this as reading to a student even though they might be able to handle it or even need the message.

This book does have the characters I came to love in the first book, Delbert and Sylvia. It also introduces a drug addicted teenager who they adopt without ever formally adopting her. I still love the characters but I had to question, Delbert gets a teaching job without a credential and they enroll Thia in school and get her old school records and some medical help without any formal appointment as her guardians. Maybe that was possible in Canada in the fifties? Sylvia is only a shadow character here, a nervous observer as Delbert starts to plan, someone who frequently offers food and then leaves the scene. I know my own Mom was a lot like that in that time period so it reads true, but I can't help wishing she were more active, more developed. She had more potential.

There is a whole community of friends and enemies and the upper Washington/Canada border neighborhood which is an important part of this setting. There is a wonderfully developed flying boat and some fascinating detail. I am so glad I read this sequel but I wish there were a 4 1-2 star or a nine on a scale of ten rating. Do read the first book, and then, if you are an adult move on to this. It is bloodier and darker but still about the good guys and the power they can take for themselves in a scary world

 I LOVED this book! 

By Djambe    Feb 20, 2015

I won this book in a First Reads contest.

Oh my goodness am I glad I did!

I read this book in 3 days, 116 pages on the first day. I was hooked on Delbert (one of main characters) from the first sentence I just couldn't put it down! I had so many ideas on how the book would end but it kept me guessing and changing my predictions!

I LOVED this book!

I didn't read the supposed first book but I couldn't even tell this was a sequel because of the way it was set up oh my goodness everyone needs to read it.