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John H.   May 3, 2023

I have finished and so thoroughly enjoyed the Pillage Trilogy! I suspect you have no idea how much joy this has given me, so thank you very much!

You tell a complex tale with all its diversities most cunningly connected. There are so many parallels to some of my life's experiences. Fortunately, I've been lucky enough to know almost nothing about the horrors of the drug world and have learned a lot from your stories. I shall also be a little more cautious next time we cruise near Saltspring Island. I got a huge kick out of Delbert's quiet airplane and Canadian traffic controllers giving it such an appropriate name!

Wendy W.   Jan 14, 2022

Hi there Wanted to let you know that these past 4 weeks, I have read your 3 books on Delbert Pillage. Really enjoyed them. The stories interesting and so many places mentioned that I knew from my teen years on the West Coast. ... Your info on flying so good, plus the emotional scenarios and all the heartaches along the way and how people deal with them. All that stuff makes for a good read. Looking forward to what you write about Mum Graham and her ancestors!

Russ Wilson
Good local story set in Victoria. Enjoyed it and "Two Loves Lost" Keep writing Sandy