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From Lynda   October 8, 2023

I chose the book for the character who is deaf. Having worked in the field of deaf education for 45 years, I enjoy seeing how the character is defined in literature. Unfortunately, displaying a character who is a life time signer to a an adult implanted person who has with complete success with her implant in a very short time is so dangerously misleading. Her speech development, language structure, ability to hear and enjoy music .......too much too fast. The child character was a delight to imagine.

From Al D.   October 28, 2022

I just finished your latest, "You Speak For Me Now" which I enjoyed tremendously and was hooked after the first couple of chapters. I was thinking of James Patterson and how he also seems to hook you in the same manner.

Your choice for the cover photo of Emma could not have been more perfect as it exudes both beauty and fierce intelligence.

I very much enjoyed John and Emma's rants, or for that matter, Sandy's, regarding so many principles intertwined throughout the book.

Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy this treasure and I will be looking forward to "From Revolution Born".

From Tami Czenkus   April 25, 2022

While not really my go to genre, this story was very eye opening. Those who enjoy this type of story will enjoy this for sure.

From Sandra Guerra-Cruz   March 29, 2022

A combination of love story and political fiction amid the importance of music and its aility to heal and bring people together.

From Peggy   (Advance copy)

You wove a lesson into each page. Your characters taught lessons in courage, love, kindness, tenacity, stubbornness and continual learning. Your story unfolded in a way that reinforced my understanding of what is transpiring in our lives today. I thank you for that.

Your statements of what is today and what needs to happen in our future is so true. Thank you for teaching me so much in a way that I understand.