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 Another heart warming life story 

By Peter Morton   December 23, 2012

Sandy has written another heart warming life story. Along the way you'll learn lots about pizza, and some important lessons about business and how to create a compassionate corporate model that will engage employees and create company loyalty. And for the millionaires among the readership; how to manage wealth.

The endearing part of the book is the characters; the heroine Ellie will capture your heart and, if you are like me, cause you to shed more than a few tears. The challenge for Dino in the first place is to woo and win Ellie's heart; then, to keep listening to her wisdom. I loved the characters; even the ones I did not like; Sandy painted some authentic folks and, frankly, I could not put the book down. It is a quick read; an enjoyable experience, and an insight into the author's ethics and moral values. As in his first book; there is a life cycle theme that makes me relate to my own experience, reflect on the journey, and wonder if I've contributed adequately to this world.

 I shed tears more than once. 

By Cheryl Barnes Morton  April 27, 2014

I'd been meaning to read this book for over a year and finally got to it. I'm so glad I did. I found the story enjoyable, poignant and many of the characters believable. I do have some frustrations with the book. Perhaps 240 pages is too short for covering a lifetime of experiences, i.e. winning the girls of your dreams, starting a business, births, deaths, all the things that make up a life. A lot of the time, I was totally engrossed in the narrative and then, suddenly, it was like a recitation instead of a story. I found that jarring.

Even with the caveats, I found the book well worth my time and worth reading. I shed tears more than once.