Book Club Offer

As an incentive for book clubs to select this book, we will provide paperback or hardcover copies at a reduced price for clubs purchasing 10-50 books. Per book cost is:
Paperback: $9.18 + 0.82 sales tax + pro rated shipping cost (USD)
Hardcover: $14.70 + 1.30 sales tax + pro rated shipping cost (USD)

Your club must designate a single point contact who will be responsible for collecting individual payments and providing a single payment to us, will co-ordinate shipping details, and distribute copies. Quantities over 50 may be possible upon negotiation. We reserve the right to rescind future sales in the event we are unable to obtain sufficient books to fulfill them. We are unable to offer this service to countries other than the United States at this time.

If your club is interested, please email me at
Please tell me your general location (eg., city and statte) and identify the quantity to be purchased. We will then send you a purchase order with the total due, including shipping cost, if any.

This offer applies to:
You Speak For Me Now (Sparks discussion both on the story and societal issues.)
Life Shattered (Pillage Trilogy Volume 1)
Life Rescued (Pillage Trilogy Volume 2)
Life Threatened (Pillage Trilogy Volume 3)