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Six novels which will leave you glassy-eyed if not in tears at times, yet, in the end with a warm heart. Adventure, tragedy, character testing, emotion and enduring love abound. My writing style emphasizes dialog designed to entice you into the story, living alongside the main characters. For more on that, watch My Story under Videos above.

A series and a cozy mystery that reflect life in 1940-1970 on British Columbia islands. A novel that takes you through the life of an entrepeneur in his own words, a study of personality and political contrasts and its accompanying book list, and a memoir of my life.

If you find a story merits recommendation to others, please mention it to them. And a posted review, however brief, will endear you to me eternally. I don't actively market my books so new readers find them by word of mouth...your mouth?

Thank you, my friends.


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