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Elizabeth Anderson
Thanks so much for a copy of your first book!  I loved it.  In fact, I read half the day it arrived and finished it the next day -- with tears in my eyes.  It's a great read. 

Coreen Fowler
This book is amazing!

Al Dewar
Wow, what a great book! You had me intrigued and turning pages, all day and into the night, until it was finished. I must admit, when Delbert . . . . , I  experienced a sentimental side of me that I don't usually see.

Laura Graham
This is a great read. From the start, I was drawn into Delbert's world. It is a real treat to grow up with him, experiencing life in a small island community and as someone with such a brilliant mind. There are so many aspects of this book to enjoy...learning about the history of Canadian aviation and the Avro Arrow, insight into engineering and the advancement of technology, what it is like to be a pilot!

Those are interesting details within an incredibly touching, and sometimes heartbreaking, story about a boy growing up and the loves of his life. What impresses me most about this story are the emotions it evokes. I felt such an attachment to the characters in this book, not just Delbert but his family, love, and mentors. I admit I was brought to tears more than once.