Reviews Of Murder On Salt Spring?

 The Ending is a Secret! 

By Peter Morton    May 27, 2013

Reviewing this book, it is necessary to be very careful not to even hint at the ending. And in its character development, in some ways, the ending is incidental. I live on an island, and Mr. Graham captures the small town, eccentric, quirky, pull-together culture of an island quite faithfully. There is nice quiet humor, a news distribution system called "Loose Lips", a protagonist love interest with powerful attractions AND conflicts, and a good who-done-it yarn to keep you entertained. Perhaps telegraphing what he wishes about his readers, Mr. Graham has his protagonist discover a closet-author's works that she just cannot put down, and last night when I started this book, I by Golly could not put it down. Bleary eyed, I finished the book at 2 am and am pleased to recommend it. You'll love the small town Island community and its characters, and you'll stay with the story until the....very end.

From Readers

Murder takes place in 1952 on an isolated island. The story is about a simpler way of life, simpler times and is written like it would have been in 1952 and I really enjoyed that.

Russ Wilson
I enjoyed this story about island life in British Columbia. A lifestyle more of us should adopt. I have read the three books from this new author and hope more are coming.