Reviews Of Eclipse of Our Soul

  What an amazing book!  

By Peggy    September 24, 2019

You wove a lesson into each page. Your characters taught lessons in courage, love, kindness, tenacity, stubbornness and continual learning. Your story unfolded in a way that reinforced my understanding of what is transpiring in our lives today. I thank you for that.

Your statements of what is today and what needs to happen in our future is so true. Thank you for teaching me so much in a way that I understand.

  Excellent Sequel to Ickee Mushta  

By John    January 21, 2020

Ickee Mushta was a forewarning to what happens when partisanism divides the country and right wing elements gain power. That book was written prior to the election in 2016. Eclipse of Our Soul describes what can happen when a new leader commands blind loyalty from his supporters and the democracy defined by our founding fathers is subverted. I recommend this book to all who care about keeping our country on the right path.

From Readers

I finished "Eclipse of our Soul" which is moving, powerful and frightening. I do hope that you have not received threats from the right wing nuts in our country.