Reviews Of A Quiet Rampage

  Excellent Autobiography of an Excellent Engineer and Manager 

By John    February 1, 2019

I worked as an engineer on the development of the Flight Management Program with Sandy on the 767/757 program. Sandy describes how his career evolved and developed over the years with the crowning accomplishment of the successful development and certification of the Flight Management Computer which revolutionized the flight deck of commercial airplanes. Sandy was one of the rare managers who let his team make the decisions as he provided the vision for the program. He made sure his engineers got the credit. He describes a period of Boeing that I call the last of the glory days. It wasn't just about the bottom line. Doing the right thing was paramount. Sandy was the champion for this concept. Sandy does not go into too much technical detail and uses some great "stories" that describe the results of his endeavors. If you have ever been involved with a development program or if you'd like to be, I highly recommend this book.

From Readers

PS. In case that you haven't already seen it, or read it, Sandy Graham had some very nice things to say about you, Peter Morton, and John Banbury, in his book "A Quiet Rampage". It was a great treatment of the B727, ...B737, and ...B757/767, and B744, with many little known but nonetheless still important details of the history of both FMC and EICAS development! 

I must say your brilliant penmanship had me glued to the pages with many good laughs and such brilliant insights to our Boeing triumphs and frustrations. Even better, I feel I now know you so much better...